Restaurants and other good places nearby.

Provence is known for three things: lavender fields, historic picturesque villages, and Provencal cuisine. And guess what? That last one happens to be one of our favorite activities too! Provencal cuisine is beloved for its fresh, local ingredients and rich flavors. Think of delicious dishes such as ratatouille, bouillabaisse (fish soup), tapenade (olive puree), and the famous Provençal herb blends like herbes de Provence.

We have carefully selected our favorite spots so that we can hopefully inspire you with culinary and cultural discoveries in the area.

The better bistros

  • L'Atelier de la Ferme:

Located on the square in the center, in our opinion, the best bistro we have tried so far. Well-prepared food, delicious wines, pleasant service, and definitely not expensive. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

  • Le Petit Paradis:

The setting may be slightly less cozy than L'Atelier de Ferme, but the food is also delicious. Visit their website for more information.

The better restaurants.

  • Restaurant Chez Laurette:

    In the village of Malaucène you will find Chez Laurette. In our opinion, the best restaurant in the village. Pure enjoyment of good food and great service!

    Visit their Facebook page

  • Restaurant La Chevalerie:

Within walking distance of the city center, we enjoy coming here. Located near the church in the center, it offers a relaxed atmosphere and refined dishes. It is a higher-end restaurant, but with high quality. It comes recommended by locals, which says a lot. Visit their website for more information.

  • Pont de l'Orme:

Slightly pricier than average, but also more refined and in a very charming setting. Visit their website for more information.

  • Au Fil de la Dégustation:

According to us, the one and only true wine bar in Malaucene. Friendly service and a wide selection. It's also nice to sit on the terrace, enjoy the sunshine, and indulge in a good glass of wine. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

  • Chêne Bleu:

    A winery near Malaucene in a stunning environment. You can take a tour and taste what is produced on-site (tastings and tours are subject to a fee). We have done it, and in the summer, there are multiple activities available. Visit their website for more information.
  • Vaison-La-Romeine (municipality)

    In Vaison-La-Romaine (a picturesque commune 10 minutes from Malaucène) you will find, among other things

    • Les Maisons Du'o - Barjaca
    Their popular formula 'Restaurant de Partage' is highly recommended. Everything here revolves around sharing dishes. Not the cheapest restaurant, but enormously cosy with delicious food.

    Visit the website

    • Le Moulin à Huile

    Delicious French cuisine with refined dishes.

    Visit the website


  • Spa Ventoux

A highly renowned sauna in the region where people even come from far away to visit. Please visit their website for more information.